Residential Single Family Design

The new era of design must include a fresh approach to all design. This is particularly true with residential design. How we all live has been transformed and the home must reflect that. Concepts are continually evolving and will expand from the traditional single family home on a comfortable lot into an endless array of potential solutions. Change has come and with it, a new dimension in home design. The definition of home has truly become limitless.

Studio 81 International is focused on this evolution of the home, and insuring attainability as a priority. We recognize the potential for a true Revolution in the Industry. Market studies are going to be more important than they ever have been before. Finding a qualified analyst is imperative to creating a successful project in the years ahead. Here at Studio 81 International we are developing a whole new line of concepts that are targeting new market segments and incorporating flexibility that maximizes buyer interest. Community and neighborhood design are equally important for creating a sense of place that is safe, comfortable and easily connected to amenities and services. We invite you to Experience the opportunity to engage in a Design Workshop and maximize the success of your projects. We are ready to assist you in any aspect of residential design.