Residential Multi-Family Design

High Density residential design consists of limitless opportunities.  The drivers are density, square footage, height restrictions, garage access, design guidelines and municipal code requirements.  The team at Studio 81 International believes every puzzle can be solved while meeting the financial goals of our clients.

The balance between open space and homes, the ease of access and security, the design of private outdoor space, the need for appropriate amenities are all encompassed into one solution for the optimal success in multi-family living.  Whether it is for rent or for sale, each design considers the probable demographics, the price points and the quality of life desired for the residents.  Cohesive solutions are of the utmost importance when there is so much to consider.

Additionally, Studio 81 International is focused on the buildability of any project.  Beginning with site improvements and utilities to the sticks and bricks of each building, our plan development process is designed to work for the builder and their sub-contractors while meeting the budgetary needs of the pro forma.  We are always available to walk you through our process so that you can decide what is best for your next multi-family community.