Commercial Retail Design

Studio 81 International is committed to creating quality and innovative commercial projects. We understand space and the importance of articulating, shaping, and defining it appropriately. Today’s office place and retail centers require flexibility, individuality and a memorable identity. These features are all critical in meeting the challenges of the ever changing business model and the demand for growth.  

The designers at Studio 81 International develop clubhouse amenity buildings, office buildings, retail space, churches, and much more. We recognize that successful design transcends the walls that define it and truly becomes an opportunity to complement and enhance its surroundings. Commercial centers need to be interactive, inviting, and adaptable to change. Successful commercial areas consider the pedestrian as an integral part of the design and recognize that success is defined by their presence. Creating a sense of scale and establishing an easy flow encourages pedestrian activity which then becomes the life of the project. We recognize that these principals are critical to all projects and whether you are considering redevelopment or a new development, a large project or small project, our team is ready to design the optimal solution for your venture.