Cobble Walk
Redevelopment / TOD Site

The goal of this design exercise is to develop a comprehensive design concept that collectively studies a series of contiguous parcel that are currently unrelated to one another.  The hope is to establish a travel and shopping destination as part of a new Community Concept.  The desire is to create a meandering village that will be a catalyst for redevelopment and re-energize the existing downtown that is currently struggling.

The Vision: Develop an Old World European Style Village that is united by a series of easily traveled Pedestrian Streets and lanes. The project concept includes a wide variety of mixed use product types to establish a critical mass on the site for both residential and commercial uses.  Underground parking has been incorporated to keep the cars out of sight.  The Village is truly a Transit Oriented Development. It will incorporate a bus/visitor parking area to encourage visitors from out of the area.  Additionally the site is near a major freeway and a local highway, and will become a stop on a newly proposed intercity rail transit system.  By developing a higher density, mixed use development, this newly created destination will become a model for reducing the carbon foot print while creating an exciting place to live, work, and visit.