Abrau Durso
Russian Resort

The team has had the privilege of working on an incredible resort project in Abrau Durso, located in the Black Sea region of Russia.  This dynamic project consists of 13 different parcels each developed for a specific destination opportunity for both resort hotels and residential living.

The synergy of the project is at the heart where a historic champagne winery is located.  This attraction is poised to bring more tourists with the proper venues, infrastructure and facilities for guests.  The various sites include an outdoorsman club for everything from hunting and fishing to four-wheel adventures as well as an Executive Golf Course and Training Facility and an exclusive Private Golf Community and Equestrian Centre in the heart of the Champagne vineyards.

There will be ultimate spa facilities that are designed for pampering from head to toe and even a family and kid focused escape for the more casual visitor.  Yet all of these are interconnected by walking and bike trails and via water taxi to allow easy day trips to a different destination and the pleasure of a diverse vacation experience.